UGREEN SD Card Reader USB Type C USB 3.0 Card Hub Adapter 2 in 1: Unboxing and Review

Have you been looking the perfect PC SD card reader? There’s a lot of brands out there, and we have selected the UGreen brand. The UGreen brand originated from Shenzhen, China. It is currently one of the most affordable brand with good quality.

The item we purchased today came from Lazada, with the logo certified Lazmall. You can easily search the UGreen card reader, as in the subject heading. The item does not come locally, but comes from an international supplier instead. Check THIS link for their Lazada official flagship store.

Box: Front

UGreen SD Card Reader: Build Quality and Appearance

Everything is made up of plastic. What else is not made up of plastic now a days? But we are seeing some high quality material here. The cable itself is very thick, and is the same cable used in those USB3.0 hard drives with fast data transfer rate. The Ends of the cables doesn’t seem it will break easily.

So far, we are pleased with this product, except that we fine the cable too long and bulky. They should have designed something shorter. But then again, if you’re using a desktop computer, this long cable will come in handy. It’s just that I am using it for a notebook, instead of a desktop. Using it over a mobile phone would be a bother as well, due to the length of the cable.

UGreen SD Card Reader: Test and Usage

We tested the card reader with two devices. We tested it on a windows device and on an android device.

There seems to be no problem when testing it on a windows platform. The card reader worked flawlessly. We even tested plugging 2x cards at the same time, and each of the card slots act as an independent card reader. This means, if you have an SD card, and a micro SD card, you can transfer files between those two cards, without the need of transferring files from your SD card to your PC, then back to your micro SD card.

If you happen to use an Asus Zenfone 5, too bad, this device won’t work on your phone. Currently, we haven’t tested the devices compatibility to other phone brands, but base on the lazada subject title heading, it should work on Huawei mobile phones. let us know if you have the same card reader and works on your Huawei mobile phone.

UGreen SD Card Reader: The Verdict

We strongly believe that the device should have a strong range of compatibility list. The fact that it is not compatible to the first phone we tested, which is an Asus Zenfone 5, this device limits the Type-C usability. The main reason why this product exists is because the device should work on both Windows and Android platform. For our recommendation, if you are to use it for windows devices only, this is a perfect choice in our opinion. But if you are to chose the 2-in-1 function, better check other brands with better compatibility.

Box: Rear
Card Reader: Top View
Card Reader: SD Slot Side
Card Reader: CF and Sony Memory Stick Side
USB Type-A with Type-C OTG

USB Type-A with Type-C OTG

USB Type-A with Type-C OTG
Card Reader Tested with Windows Platform: Compatible
Card Reader tested with Asus Zenfone 5: Not Compatible