Best Internet Café Training Ground for Gamers at Katipunan Area

We’re here to provide you an in depth review and experience on a one of a kind I-café shop, Techtite I-Cafe E-sport Lounge.

This I-café e-sport lounge is unique because it has the VIP section, the standard section, and they serve good food! The area covers up to three (3) floors, with more than eighty (80) computers inside.

Asus ROG Monitor: PG278VQ

Techtite: VIP Section Area

For the VIP section, their PC specification is the latest one, and after checking all the specs, each PC cubicle is approximately to cost more than a hundred fifty thousand (150,000) peso set up.

The Monitor alone is an ASUS PG278VQ. This is a twenty seven (27”) inch monitor running at one hundred sixty five (165 Hz) Hertz refresh rate with one (1ms) millisecond response time equipped with NVidia G Sync Technology.

The processor they are using is the latest Intel core i5 8th generation @ 2.8 GHz with 6 cores of pure power.

The RAM installed is a DDR4 16 gigabytes memory.

And the most important specification of these VIP gaming computer is the discrete graphic card installed. These VIP computers are equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. These powerful discrete graphics card can play any of your favorite games at the highest quality, and with the maximum resolution.

This I-café shop did not forget about your peripherals as well. They provide you with an RGB mechanical keyboard, a gaming mice with more than 2,000 dpi, and a gaming headset for competitive gaming. This means, if you’re working out to be a pro, this area is made just right for you.

VIP Gaming Cubicle

If you’re a member, this only costs 60 pesos for an hour. That means, you get to play on this one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) peso gaming rig set up on a very VERY comfortable chair. Mind you, their chair feels like as if you’re sitting down a sofa chair, similar to a lazy boy.

Razer Gaming Headset

Techtite: Standard Section Area

Don’t be fooled with the name of standard in this I-café lounge. They still provide a very comfortable gaming chair, RGB mechanical Keyboard, gaming Mice, and gaming headset.

Standard Gaming Cubicle

You will be greeted with a twenty four (24”) inch IPS monitor, a true quad core 7th generation core i5 processor rated at 3.0 Gigahertz, eight (8) gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, and an AMD RX570 of graphics pure power. We are estimating that each of this PC cubicle costs around eighty thousand (80,000) peso.

If you’re a member, this will only cost you forty (40) pesos for an hour. We do think that forty (40) pesos for an hour is a very reasonable price, for an eighty thousand (80,000) peso set up gaming rig. If you’re looking to do gaming up to eight (8 hr) hours straight, that won’t be a problem with their very comfortable gaming chair.

Rental Fee and Coffee Price List

Techtite: Food and Coffee

Then again, this internet shop is called an I-café e-sport lounge. So this means, they do serve food and coffee. Mind you, this I-café serve high quality coffee, and that includes all types of coffee such as your favorite espresso shot, Café Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha Latte, Caramel Macchiato and Hot Chocolate. These are all done using their high quality espresso machine worth three hundred thousand (300,000) pesos. I tried and ordered their coffee latte, and it tasted fantastic! Their coffee latte is a single shot espresso at nine (9) grams, with frothed milk, giving you a total of 8oz per cup. They also serve food here. This means, you can eat while playing your favorite games non-stop.

Café Latte

Techtite: Recommendation

This is by far one of the most high end internet shop that we have visited, and we highly recommend you to visit and check out their I-café e-sport lounge. They are located at:

318 Katipunan Building, F. Dela Rosa Street, Loyola Heights

Quezon City, Philippines

Or Call (02) 967 7164

This is just beside Ateneo De Manila? Ateneans? You are lucky to have this e-sport lounge sitting right beside your school. This is after all the best I-Cafe training ground for Try it! You won’t regret you did…