Google maps is trying to go head to head with Waze. Google just announced number coding scheme incorporated in google maps this month of February 2019.

Google just announced today that they will be incorporating number coding schemes in google maps. Before you input your destination? Google maps will ask you to input your vehicles plate number. Google maps will then chose a route to avoid restricted roads. And of course, the app will inform you as well if you might need to pass a restricted site as well.

So how will google do that? Google will be working closely with Metro Manila Development Authority, or MMDA. This means that you won’t be busted for coding ever again using google maps.

Another good feature of google are for motorcycles. Navigation is now made easier for motorcycles. You just need to input that mode of method your using is a motorcycle, and google maps will display shortcuts that are not accessible to cars.

Now that there are more features available in google maps, what will Waze do about it?