The iPad Mini 5 is arriving soon!

Four years since the launch of the iPad Mini 4, the current model in the market, rumors spark that a new generation of iPad Mini – The iPad Mini 5 – will soon be launched, and estimated at around April 2019

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I honestly thought that the iPad Mini was already a dead product line to Apple after the 4-year-long hiatus since the last one. With the development of several iPads with 9.7 screens, as well as large display smartphones that are usually at 6-6.5inches that made the category ‘phablet’ now irrelevant, my hopes on the iPad Mini 5, or any refresh on the Mini line, were practically disappearing.

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In the recent years, my obsession to the iPad Mini line was getting more and more senseless. Why would a 7.9inch tablet that isn’t comfortable to grasp with one hand, be a more practical buy than today’s smartphones? This when especially the newer models launched have practically zero bezels and high screen-to-body ratios?

I was getting more and more convinced each time Tim Cook would end his Keynote without announcing or hinting anything about the Mini that maybe we don’t really need the iPad Mini anymore due to better product options.

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I still believe, though, there is still a big use to the small gap in inches between a smartphone and a full-sized tablet, or even a small-screen laptop. There are still some things you can’t fully do on your mobile phone that will probably make that huge 6inch smartphone feel like a limiting screen size.

Some games, apps, photos and videos are still better used and/or viewed on a bigger device than your usual smartphone. I don’t believe in having to carry a full-size tablet or laptop around, all the time.

I guess we can really say that iPad Mini highlights convenience, portability, but still maintaining power and performance. The iPad Mini is also an entry-level, budget tablet that could be considered prior to upgrading to the high-end, expensive version, the iPad or the iPad Pro.

Here are the top things we are expecting to happen with the refresh iPad Mini:


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Based on leaks on the design of the new iPad Mini 5 that surfaced on Twitter recently, there won’t be any major design changes on the new iPad Mini. Based on the photos of what seemed to be a prototype iPad Mini 5, there will still be a headphone jack, and that it still resembles the current iPad Mini 4 with the design, and most probably, still maintaining the same size.

Otherwise, its identity might even get more undefined between the smartphones and full-sized tablets and/or portable PCs. It is also rumored that the Touch ID will also be maintained, which most probably means that the iPad Mini will still maintain its current bezels. This is compared to the newest iPad Pro 12.9inch, which already lost the Home Button to give way to more screen over bezels. One thing we hope to see though is that this version supports TypeC connectivity!


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The new iPad Mini 5 will most likely be launched some time around March or April 2019. This is due to Apple registering new iPad devices running iOS12 with EEC or Eurasian Economic Commission, with model numbers A2123, A2124, A2126, A2153, A2154, A2133, and A2152.

Historically, Apple have been registering with EEC around a month prior to announcement of the new product, and events have been held on March for the past few years. This indicates a new model coming, though not necessarily the iPad Mini 5.


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A spec upgrade that we think should be expected in the new iPad Mini 5 is should definitely be an upgraded processor. The iPad Mini 4 has been in the market for over four years, so we’d like to assume that the A8 processor it’s using is already outdated and should be upgraded in the iPad Mini.

Also, according to rumors, the new iPad Mini will feature a ‘low cost panel’ this time around. We’re not sure how that’s going to take effect, though. We are hoping though that the refresh Mini will support the Apple Pencil like the new iPads in the market, to support on-the-go artists and quick content/draft creations. We are also hoping for more storage configurations as we are only limited to 128GB with the current iPad Mini 4 model.


Articles have been citing that the new iPad Mini will be ‘cheaper’ that the current iPad Mini 4 at $399. This probably does makes sense if they will be making the new iPad Mini cheaper due to the fact that the bigger iPad at 9.7inches is only at $329. If that’s the case, it is greatly possible that the new iPad Mini 5 will be priced below $300.

At 299$, Apple might just rekindle the 7.9″ segment yet again and have a hot product for 2019!

What do you think on the rumors on the new iPad Mini 5? Will you be getting one once it comes out? Share your thoughts!

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Hat tip: Concept header image from VinGin Youtube Channel.