Facebook keeps track of how often you use the app daily and you can view it! Read on to find out how.

Facebook is an integral part of most people’s lives having used the app for a lot of website registrations and/or means of communication.

This is dangerous as we become dependent on the app, especially amidst rumors that facebook is keeping our data.

Lately, @TipsGeeks discovered that Facebook has a section in the SETTINGS&PRIVACY wherein Facebook actually keeps track of how often you use facebook!

To access it, head over to SETTINGS then Security&Privacy and look for TIME ON FACEBOOK:

Once you click it, It looks something like this:

For us, we use it for an average of an hour a day which is almost 10% of the time that we’re actually awake in a day so it’s not yet that bad but we do know of a lot of users who spend hours and hours on the app!

Luckily, Facebook has a setting wherein you can put a reminder to yourself to stop using the app by putting a time limit on yourself via an alarm that you can set for yourself when you’ve reached a certain number of minutes or hours. You can set it up easily!

Tell us how much you’ve spent on facebook in the last week! Are you a facebook addict? Put your thoughts in the comments section below.