Zenfone 5 ties with Iphone 8 at 93 for Photo in DXOMARK, Highest rating for a sub-400$ phone.

DXOMARK has just released a review of the Zenfone 5 and gives it a score of 93 for photo, tying with the iPhone 8, making it the top scoring mid-range phones in the market today.

It gets points for being fast and accurate, renderijg good detail and having a respectable autofocus.

It is, however, let down by it’s video capablities, garnering a result of only 86 pulling it down to an average of 90 and below today’s top crop of phones. It’s still quite impressive given that all phones with a higher score versus it’s average do cost atleast 200$ more than the Zenfone 5 making the Zenfone 5 a true value for money smartphone for it’s camera.

Here’s a list of all the smartphones that the Zenfone 5 beats.

Source: DXOMARK.com