OnePlus announces the Bullets Wireless earphones

Made from Aluminum OnePlus Bullets Wireless

OnePlus Bullets in-ear earphones received much praise for being affordable yet not sacrificing audio quality. This 2018, along with the OnePlus 6 smartphone, OnePlus is introducing the Bullets Wireless which is more than just a wireless version of the original wired bullets earphone.

9mm OnePlus Bullets Wireless

It has support for google assistant, AptX for better bluetooth connection and energy tubes that reduce vibration for better sound quality and clarity.

Magnets! OnePlus Bullets Wireless

It’s built from aluminum and uses magnets so that the cables don’t tangle or allow you to wear it around your neck. It has software to recognize the 2 earpieces clipping together as well, automatically toggling a pause

USB C Fast Charging - Bullets

The best part is that it supports Usb-C fast charging giving you 5 hours of use in just 10minutes. If you fully charge the device, you get a full 10hours of music playback.

Check out this video to learn more about it: