Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub 2, a re-imagining of THE Office.

Microsoft, out of nowhere, has disrupted the device community with the introduction of the Surface Hub 2, an immersive 50 inch 4K+ Display that more or less acts as an interactive digital canvass (or whiteboard) that challenges our imaginations for what is the future of the work space. It can be used in landscape or portait mode increasing the number of ways one can use it.

You can scribble notes, video chat in real-size, showcase presentations or share ideas in real-time AND MORE! It’s a very bold attempt and transforming the way we are used to work with colleagues and sharing ideas. as Microsoft has designed the product to enable people to think how to work differently. Think of it as a surface book 2 but 6x bigger!

Not much specification has been made available yet except for the concept itself but microsoft expects to ship the device within the year. And if you’re wondering, Microsoft actually shipped 5000+ units of the original Surface Hub which retailed for $8,999.

We expect the Surface hub 2 to be cheaper despite being more powerful as it has competitors that cost almost just half the price, in the form of Google’s Jamboard.

Check out the video introduction here:

Source: Microsoft