DELL XPS 15 2022 i9-12900HK + RTX 3050ti OLED NOW AVAILABLE IN PH

Dell Philippines has finally brought in what js arguably the best windows ultra thin laptop – the Dell XPS 15 (2022).

There is only 1 configuration and it’s one of the relatively higher specc’d options you can get which is the Core i9-12900HK paired with RTX3050ti, 32GB DDR5 Memory (16×2) and a Pciex4 Gen4 1TB SSD (WD 810). The best part of all is that it comes with a 3.5K Resolution OLED Touch display with the slimmest borders you’ll ever see on a laptop in 2022.

We got ourselves one to try out and we’ll publish a full review in the coming weeks. We have no doubts that this will perform extremely well as it almost always lands on every reviewers best windows laptop choices but we’d like to share our experience with you as well.

We’re also going go attempt to upgrade some internals as both ram slots and ssd slots are user replaceable allowing you to have up to 64GB memory and a whopping 4TB to 8TB memory. For our case, we’re going to try out the performance on a 32GB + 1TB configuration then 64GB + 2TB scenario with the 2nd 1TB being a slower gen4 drive for storage purposes like steam’s library.

The Dell XPS 15 is priced at 209,990 locally and comes with 1 Year Premium On-site warranty.