Here’s how much it costs to own most of the streaming apps in PH!

1 streaming app doesn’t fit all (except maybe for music streaming apps) but most consumers would probably be subscribed to 2-3 streaming apps for movies/shows for variety. If you’re like some of our friends who pretty much own most of them, here’s how much it will cost you.


HBO GO offers 2 types of subscriptions in terms of payments but they’re basically the same. You can pay for it at P149 per month or PHP299 per quarter which nets you just less than P100 per month. You can subscribe via SKY, CIGNAL or GLOBE.


Youtube Premium is something we highly recommend you subscribe to if you hate annoying and intrusive ads. The personal plan is only PHP159 per month and getting a plan for up to 5 family members will only be PHP239 (PHP48 per family member)


Officially available as of November 17, Disney+ is all the hype these days. They have the whole catalogue of marvel, starwars, disney and pixar shows and movies! They even have the latest season of Grey’s anatomy and superhero series up already!

Monthly Payments ₱159 ₱369
Annual Payments ₱1150 ₱2950
Watch all Disney+ titles  YES  YES
Download and watch select content offline YES YES
Profiles you can create UP TO 7 UP TO 7
Concurrent streaming 1 screen only UP TO 4 screens
Maximum video quality Up to 720p HD Up to 2160p


Ultra HD

Watch across devices Phone and Tablet Phone, Tablet


Laptop, and TV


Possibly the most popular (and the most pirated), netflix actually offers plenty of plan variations. You can opt for a mobile only plan for as low as P149 or get a basic plan for PHP369 which you can use to stream at 720P via any of your devices. You can then opt for a standard version for FHD content or up to PHP549 for 4K streaming + the option for multiple users. 


This needs no introduction. I mean, who doesn’t have spotify? It’s everyone’s go to app for just about anything you’re doing. And because it’s so popular, spotify has made it easy for you to own an ad-free version. (It’s really irritating to have ads in between your jam especially if you’re already in the zone). You can opt for a Mini version which you pay daily but it’s very personal and can only use it on 1 account. Offline downloads are limited to 30 songs but atleast you don’t get ads when streaming over data or wifi.

There’s also the individual plan if you don’t want a limit for your offline downloads at P149.

If there’s 2 of you in the house or you want to share with your loved one, you can get the duo plan for PHP185 per month and it’s basically getting 2 accounts in 1 for only an extra PHP41 pesos for the 2nd account. This makes your subscription at less than P95 per person.

Then there’s the family. You can have up to 6 premium accounts, all ad-free and extra options like blocking explicit music. 

Apple TV+

While not the most popular in the Philippines, Apple TV+ actually has great US TV content. Sadly, we’d say that the choices to watch are not some of our most favourite ones so this isnt heavily subscribed to in the Philippines. It’s also quite expensive at PHP369 per month.

The rest

There’s plenty other apps you can download but they’re probably not as popular as the ones listed above so we’ll just round them up in this last section. Mind you, some of these are actually free when you’re subscribed to home internet plans so paying for them might not be necessary.

If you do want to own most of them, though – Here’s how much it will cost you per month.

  Cheapest Premium
Vivamax PHP 149.00 PHP 149.00
Disney+ Premium PHP 369.00 PHP 369.00
Netflix Premium PHP 149.00 PHP 549.00
Amazon Prime PHP 149.00 PHP 149.00
HBO GO PHP 149.00 PHP 149.00
Apple TV+ PHP 369.00 PHP 369.00
IwantTV PHP 119.00 PHP 119.00
iFLIX PHP 129.00 PHP 129.00
NBA League Pass PHP 499.00 PHP 650.00
VIU PHP 129.00 PHP 129.00
Spotify PHP 149.00 PHP 214.00
Apple Music PHP 139.00 PHP 139.00
Youtube PHP 159.00 PHP 239.00
  PHP 2,657.00 PHP 3,353.00