LEAK: The first TUF 2020 notebook is coming in the form of A15 [Price and Spec inside]

Disclaimer: the final specifications and price of this product may still change as this is not in anyway official material or official release from ASUS Philippines. ASUS PH does not send Press Release materials to Kantotech or has invited us to their early showing of their 2020 Gaming laptops. Kantotech, thefore, has no signed NDA with ASUS Philippines.


If you search hard enough in the web, you’ll actually see bits and bits of information from ASUS’ and ROG’s upcoming line up. It’s inevitable that they bring it to the Philippines anyway in the form of the TUF A15 and A17, Zephyrus G14 and G15 and more! As of writing, we’re still trying to scower the web for traces of the new STRIX 15 and STRIX 17 as well.

For today, here’s the specification and pricing we were able to find.

It’s the TUF G15 equipped with a RYZEN CPU and an NVIDIA GTX CPU.


Again, prices and specifications may change before the official announcement date but this came from a very reliable source so we have little doubt that it still will be updated before being announced in the next few weeks.

It’s not yet officially available, at the time of writing, but it should be released by end of May or early June. If you’re really itching to get your hands on one, though, you can always go to Justin’s laptop shop who offers really great value versus local SRP of ASUS and ROG’s pricing.

Justin currently sells the same config albeit with a 16GB GPU and sans the 1TB HDD but is priced at 69,000 which makes it one heck of a deal.

You can also grab the other ASUS’ and ROG models that have already launched in the US way earlier than PH releases. Just PM the page for more information! 🙂