Galaxy Note10+ with Exynos 9825 bests all Android phones in Antutus latest list

Antutu posts a monthly list of top performing phones at the start of each month and the top performing Android device for June2019 was the OnePlus 7 Pro.

However, it seems the OP7 Pro wont stay at the top for long as Antutu has released their benchmark for the Galaxy Note 10+ which garnered a score of 442,568.

This score is about 20% higher than that of the OP7 Pro rocking a Snapdragon 855. It’s quite impressive.

On the Apple side of things, it still can’t beat the staggering 550,000+ score of the latest IPad Pros using custom A series processors but it does beat the Iphone XS and XS Max heavily, by about 25%.

This may soon change though with the release of the Iphone 11, expected to debut in October with a new chip that should see it sail past the 400,00 mark. Iphone chips are generally known to offer great boosts by the generation.

Source: Antutu