PC EXPRESS is offering an I5+GTX1050 gaming laptop wiith 8GB+1TB+120GSSD for ONLY P39,995!

There’s not much else to say in this article actually as the title says it all.At 39,995 – this gaming laptop from PC Express, a lenovo gaming laptop, is the most bang for the bang laptop this country has ever seen.

Usually, at 39,995 cash, you’ll get a ULV CORE I5 + GTX1050 but a measly 4GB ram and slow 1TB HDD. However, since PC EXPRESS is throwing in a free 4GB and 120GB when you pay in cash – You’re getting 8GB ram and 1TB+120GB SSD for less than 40K!

And it’s not just any ssd, PC EXPRESS is giving away a PCIE SSD. To add, the processor is a Quad core H series core i5-8300H so this definitely blows everyone else out of the water.

PC Express has limited quantities nationwide so you better grab it while it lasts.