Nintendo unveils the SWITCH Lite for only P10,995!

There have been multiple leaks and rumors in the past 12 months about a cheaper and smaller version of the super successful Nintendo Switch and, today, Nintendo surprised us all with an announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite via their official Youtube channel.

Spec Dif.PNG

It’s exactly as you expected it with a few twists, and as expected – a few tradeoffs. First of all, it’s as what the rumors have stated – It’s Smaller! What we didn’t expect is that a lot of functionality has been removed – including the IR sensor and the rumble sensors from the joy con. This is because the controllers of the Switch lite is non-removable. It’s built it on the device and for good reason – It’s designed to be a dedicated handheld.

Nintendo Switch Lite dedicated.PNG

Unlike the original switch, you had the capability to dock it and output to a TV and use it as you would’ve a Playstation or an Xbox. The Nintendo Switch lite loses that functionality and is built to be used as JUST a handheld which to us is okay because the price makes it worth while.

Nintendo Switch Lite difference.PNG

At $199 or around 10.5K Pesos, this makes it a full PHP5000 or 100$ cheaper than the original Switch. That P5000 savings comes from losing the dock, removable controllers and a smaller screen. It becomes therfore more portable and easier to carry around with you. Despite being smaller though, it is expected to have better battery life due to a a more power efficient chip inside that still retains the same great performance of the original switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite compatibility.PNG

There will be an extra icon to determine which games play it! To play games like Switch1-2 you will need to buy the joycon controllers separately. And oh, this isn’t going to replace the original Switch. It’s meant to compliment it, and cater to those who don’t use the dock anyway.

There will be 3 colors available:

Nintendo Switch Lite colors.PNG

Take a closer look here:

Source: Nintendo