The NEW MSI GT76 is already winning awards, Announcing soon!

Computex is just around the corner and the new products have already been showcased to internal judges and committees. This means, awards have already been given out and press releases being readied for public consumption. 1 such press release has been seeded early and it prematurely announces the MSI GT76, the brand’s flagship line for the best of the best of their hardware.


Per the press release, MSI is expected to shatter previous boundaries and limits, putting in 4 fans for cooling along wiht 11 heatpipes to adequately keep the 8core16thread 9th generation Core i9 and the full Nvidia RTX2080 at bay. The Core i9 is overclockable to 5.0ghz thanks to MSI’s superb cooling achievements.



We expect the GT76 to have the best in class panel and audio as with their previous GT line. There should be a 17.3″ 144HZ HDR panel or a 4K option as well. Expect the MSI GT76 powerhouse to be unveiled next week.