Yes. You read correctly. As of writing, Google has suspended all business and support to Huawei as a result of a “Trade Blacklist” via an executive order signed by President Trump.

This means that Huawei cannot buy, trade, sell or have any transactions with any company in the U.S and this includes Android, and anything under Google, for that matter. Ultimately, this means that all Huawei or Honor phones will lose access to Google Play Store or Android updates.
This will have a huge global impact on Huawei outside of China, and it remains to be seen what the future of Huawei will be without it’s main operating system for Mobile devices. No one knows if Huawei was prepared for this to happen but we do hope Huawei has a back up plan.

More details are being gathered as of the moment but the story has first been reported by Reuters, and updated further by Android Authority.

Source: Android Authority