Facebook helps you connect with up to 9 SECRET CRUSHES as FB DATING launches in PH!

Facebook DATING has been available in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Thailand for the past few months but today the social media giant is announcing expansoon to 14 more countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Suriname and THE PHILIPPINES!

Facebook Dating

You have to create an entirely new profile for this and it won’t enlist you unless you opt in the service. It also won’t notify your friends when you’ve joined. Additionally, it doesn’t link you with your own circle of friends so you can use the service with peace of mind. It will recommend you with people outside your circle who have the same interests and likes as you.To get started, head over to settings and look for “DATING”.

You can’t take screenshots of the process or the app but we did take some photos of the set up process for you to know the steps if you’re not confident in trying it out for yourself just yet.

The Secret Crush is a new gimmick of facebook.

The feature will let you select up to nine Facebook friends who you may like or be interested in, and if they’re already using the FB Dating service, they’ll receive a notif letting them know someone has a crush on them. Simple enough, but the feeling has to be mutual, of course. If your Facebook Dating adds you to their Secret Crush list, then the two of you will be matched and you can, maybe, live happily ever after. Simple!!

You can also do it really discreetly! If your crush isn’t on the dating app, then it won’t notify them or any of your other friends. And since it’s mutual, no one will ever know unless they happen to have joined the dating app or have tagged you as a crush too!

Via @Engadget.com