Renders of the MOTO RAZR comeback leaks online!

A lot of discussion has been made about the upcoming Moto Razr (2019) and leaks as well. This time, renders of the device and it’s packaging are making the rounds.

As rumored, the Moto Razr is making it’s comeback by throwing back it’s iconic folding design. Unlike the Galaxy fold and the Huawei version though, where a regular phone screen unfolds into a tablet version, the rumored Motorola Razr is a 6.2″ device that folds in half and it’s all screen on the inside!

Inside the box, we’ll find a usb charger and headset and what looks to be some kind of charging dock + other accessories.

We’re really excited for Motorola to make this official and we know a lot of you are too! We don’t know what kind of functionality there is to a phone that folds in half except for portability but we’re really keeping our minds open for Moto to amaze us!