Samsung S10 5G ties with Huawei P30 Pro in DXO Mark, gets 100 in video score.

Yes, you read that right. Samsung’s 4th S10 variant, the S10 5G, gets a dxomark score of 112, tying it with the P30 Pro. This does it by achieving a Photo score of 117 and the highest ever video score of 100.

Huawei still outscores it in Photo by 2, at 119, but Huawei P30 Pro’s video score weighed it down.

The addition of Samsung’s TOF camera is primarily the reason for the higher score versus the original 3 variants. In Video, DXO mark says that it’s samsung’s modification to set the recording in 4K by default that allowed it to score that high.

The biggest change is that Samsung modified the default video recording mode to 4K resolution, which helps improve the phone’s texture, noise, and artifact scores. In addition, video from the S10 5G features the same excellent target exposure and color as on the S10+, and it makes an excellent trade-off between detail preservation and noise reduction, even when shooting hand-held in low light.

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