Asus Vivo Watch BP Unboxing and Review

Gone were the days that you needed a very big blood pressure monitor such as your favorite brand, Omron. Because of the advancement of technology, we are able to reduce the overall size of a full cup size gadget to a mere watch size to do this.

Just to give you a comparison, of the Omron BP blood pressure watch, below is the link of the smaller version of Omron blood pressure watch.

Omron Blood Pressure Watch 2019

This is the Asus version of the Blood Pressure watch.

To know more about the watch itself, let’s view our unboxing of the Asus Smart Watch.

Asus Smart Watch: Vivo Watch BP (HC-A04)

Kantotech Opinion: From our series of tests, compared to our smart watch reviews. Check this link for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review. Asus is way way behind in terms of appearance, user interface, and ecosystem. The only usable part of this watch from our opinion is the BP function, and the rest is pre-historic.

If you are in need of a blood pressure monitor system on your wrist, and you don’t mind the design and pre-historic user interface, you can go for this smart watch. The blood pressure monitor system is quite accurate compared to the traditional blood pressure monitor system. The last good feature of this watch is that due to the pre-historic design, this watch can last you 20-30 days. Yes, this watch can last you a month of usage.