NZXT Ambient Hue 2 Lighting Kit Unboxing and Quick Set Up

NZXT Philippines was kind enough to lend us an NZXT Hue2 Lighting kit and we made a quick unboxing video and set up guide for you, incase you’re thinking of getting one.

Lighting kit.png

After being able to set it up, we feel that it’s one of the best ambient lighting systems available in the market right now if you we’re looking to extend your light ecosytem to outside your PC.

Cam Software.PNG

NZXT’s CAM software is quite intuitive and has lots of customization options but, unfortunately, has not much support for other products or brands outside of it’s own line of cases, fans and coolers. To be able to fully maximize the ambient lighting, we recommend a full NZXT set up.

You can also buy additional LED strips from NZXT.

Here’s the listing on their Lazada shop. 

RGB Strip.png

To learn more about the NZXT Hue 2, Check out this video from NZXT.

The Ambient Hue 2 Lighting kit goes for around PHP5000-6000 in the Philippines, depending on which monitor kit you buy it for.

Check out PCHUB’s listing here.