Our best look at the Galaxy S10E Yet!

We’ve already seen some leaks from Evleaks, reliable for samsung devices (historically) and now Winfuture.de shared their render of the S10E, which in our opinion is a true beaty despite being the LITE version. It’s expected to be priced at 849$ to 899$ translating to around 44,995 to 49,995 in pesos.

Here is the front view:

Here is the rear view:

Today, however, we receive live images of the S10E showing dimensions and a working unit, in the flesh from phonearena.com.

Without a doubt, the S10E a.k.a Beyond1 is real!

The S10R is expexted to be 5.8″ in size, have 4GB of ram, 128GB of memory, rock a snapdragon 855 and feature a dual camera sensor as with the Note 9 and S9 before it.