Memory prices are dropping fast!

Good news everyone! DRAMeXchange, a division of Trendforce, forecasted that prices of DRAM will drop by 20% this coming 2019Q1.

We have continuously see prices of our DRAM in Philippine market decline through the years. Last year 2018, the cost of a Kingston 4G DIMM was around 2,000 PHP, and the Kingston 8G DIMM around 2,900 PHP. Have you seen the prices now? The new prices shown in PC Express pricelist for Kingston 4G DIMM is now at 1,550 PHP and for Kingston 8G DIMM for only 2,600 PHP. You can check PC Express pricelist HERE for your own reference.

There is also a series of on going promotion for different dealers, like PC Hub’s special Patriot SSD + DRAM bundle. You can find our previous announcement HERE for their February 2019 promotion. If you haven’t gotten yours, grab it now while stocks last!

Although this is a good update for consumers like us, but it won’t be a nice business trend for re-sellers this coming 2019Q1. In order to flush out their existing stocks, re-sellers might need to sell at cost, or even below cost to follow the declining market trend price for memory.
A quick check on dramexchange corroborates this report as well! We expect Q2 to fall even steeper.

Source: DramExchange