We’re launching something new – and we hope you’ll like it!

This weekend, we’re launching KANTO TIPS – an all-in-one comprehensive guide for our most recommended gadgets.

This January, we’re starting with Gaming Laptops, and through our experts, we’ve narrowed down the dozens of choices to just a few, based on specifications, other features, and our overall verdict. Most the time, we get our hands on a lot of these gadgets, but since we all have our busy lives as well, we don’t really put out reviews for everything (mostly those we reaaaally like). However, our decisions are based on ACTUAL usage of these gadgets from our interactions with various local retailers and brands. We also sorted according to budget, for everyone’s convenience 🙂

So without further ado, here’s the link to our KANTO TIPS page. You can also view it in our main menu 🙂


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