ASUS Zenpower Pro PD Unboxing: Pure Power!

Powerbanks are easily one of the most common gadgets in everyone’s bag. Today, we take a look at the ZenPower Pro PD powerbank – one of the most versatile powerbanks available in the market.

ASUS claims that the ZenPower Pro PD is the world’s lightest and smallest power bank with Power Delivery 3.0 (PD 3.0) fast-charge technology. The dimension is only at 78.4 x 110 x 22 mm, and weighs only 320 grams.

With that size, the ZenPower Pro PD can be easily carried with your notebook, smartphone and tablet. It has fast-charge ports and a reversible USB Type-C™ connector, and you can charge two devices at once. When using the USB Type-C port as charge function, make sure you press the power button once to enable the charging mode, else your device will be charging the power bank instead.

The ZenPower Pro PD features Power Delivery 3.0 fast-charge technology with a massive 45W output for the fastest charge and recharge times. It intelligently detects your device and adjusts charging modes for the quickest and safest charge, without shortening the lifespan of your battery.

When we talk branded, we always need to talk about security and safety. ZenPower Pro PD exclusive ASUS PowerSafe technology monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltage, and guards against short circuits to safeguard your products when charging. They have 11 types of protection namely: temperature protection, reset protection, short circuit protection, input over voltage protection, output over voltage protection, input reverse direction protection, over charge/over discharge protection, output over current protection, cell PTC protection, adapter protection, JEITA protection. They also have certified the ZenPower Pro PD for safety, electromagnetic-interference (EMI) levels, and charging performance by seven leading international testing organizations. It also conforms to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, so you can carry it anywhere in total confidence! Here are the list of 7 international certifications you should know about: Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Federal Communications Commission, Product Safety of Electrical Applicance & Materials, Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Conformite Europeenne, EurAsian Conformity, and IECEE Certification Body Scheme.

Other than security features, Asus has also decided to put a high-intensity LED flashlight to light up dim environments by holding the power button for 3 seconds. Asus claims that the LED can shine for up to 5 days without turning it off.

Rest assured this is a robust power bank that can charge all your devices. You can get this power bank at any Asus concept store for only Php 3,995.

Full specs of the Zenpower Pro PD below:

  • Battery Type : Rechargeable lithium-ion cell
  • Input Power : 5V/3A,9V~15V/2A,20V/1.5A(MAX)
  • Output Power : Type C 5V/3A,9V/3A,15V/3A,20V/2.25A
    Type A 5V/2.4A
    Total output 45W(MAX)
  • Capacities : DC14.4V/13600mAh
  • Charging Time : <4.5hrs with DC 20V/1.5A
    <6hrs with DC 9V/2A
    <8hrs with DC 5V/2A
  • Features : Two-way compatiable with Power Delivery 3.0
    USB-C fast charge
    Charge NB/smartphone/game console
  • Compatibility : Compatible with all PD devices