Samsung unveils a 49″ 5K monitor with 120hz and FreeSync 2

Samsung was one of the first brands to release a monitor with the dFHD (double Full HD) resolution, essentially packing 2 monitors with a 1920x1080p resolution into 1, saving space and making dual workspaces easier to work with – needing only 1 cable and 1 power source. To a lot of people, though, who need more resolution to work with, a 3840x1080p resolution can still be limiting.

And this is where Samsung is upping it’s game for 2019.

CRG9 |

With most major brands readying their dFHD monitors this 2019, Samsung is staying ahead of the game by upping their offering to Double QHD (2x 2560x1440p) monitors in 1 – a staggering 5120x1440p resolution, essentially 5k. Called the CRG9, this monitor is a multi-taskers dream.

This is simply one of the best monitors ever unveiled, as it not only keeps multi taskers or dual monitor users in mind but also gamers via its 120hz refresh rate and FreeSync2 compatibility out of the box.

Samsung CRG9
CRG9 | | Image from Samsung

More details will be unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, starting January 7, 2019 so stay tuned as we try to learn more and then share the information here on our blog.