Here’s how to watch Nvidia’s keynote LIVE on January 7 12noon [PH time]

Nvidiad CES 2019 |
Nvidiad CES 2019 |

Nvidia is set to kick-off CES 2019 in Las Vegas on Sunday night in the US [12noon on the 7th in Philippines] with a very important unveil and presentation from CEO Jensen Huang.


Since the CES tradeshow is all about consumer products, it’s very unlikely that Nvidia will announce anything about it’s commercial or business side of things, nor will it unveil an RTX Titan since they’ve already done that. This means that we’re down to a few possibilities and here’s what we think will be announced:

1. Successors to the GTX1050, GTX1050ti and GTX1060

This is inevitable. Nvidia will surely refresh their best sellers but the only question was “when” and we believe that CES is the perfect time to announce it given the recent slump in business and falling shares. What we aren’t sure though if they will inherit the naming scheme and be called GTX2050/60 or RTX2050/60. Rumor has it that Nvidia may even resort to calling it GTX1150/1160 due to the absence or Turing shaders.

2. Mobile RTX2070 and RTX2080 [Sorry, no RTX2080ti]

As with Nvidia’s Pascal launch last 2016, the Mobile versions shook the laptop gaming scene by storm by offering close to 99% match between the laptop and desktop GPU counterparts. It was the first time in Nvidia’s history where no 30% performance was cut when choosing the laptop GTX over a desktop build. They did announce Max-Q versions but that was more for efficiency and quiet-ness for laptop variants more than anything.

That said, CES is the perfect time to announce Mobile GPUs since a lot of the world’s top gaming brands also do announce new models in the same trade show. It would be appropriate to launch new GPUs to power those machines.

3. A rebirth of the TEGRA Platform for Mobile gaming

Okay. This may be a little farfetch’d but think about it, with all the mobile players releasing their Gaming phones – and with Nvidia being one of the strongers GPU accelerators in the market by far, it is only fitting that Nvidia tries it hand at powering new generation of mobile devices using the tegra platform.

In any case, we’re pretty sure that atleast 1 out of our 3 guesses will surely hit the mark. We’d love to be surprised even further though with a curved ball and be hit by something we didn’t expect.

In any case, you can watch the live stream in the link below and it starts at 12noon Philippine time on January 7th, 2019.

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