Razer releases their pink “Quartz” peripherals lineup

Pink is IN!

Hot on the heels of the CES announcement of Asus’ equally (or maybe a little less pastel) pink peripherals, Razer just announced today the Razer Quartz series – featuring the following pink products:

  • Raiju Tournament Edition Quartz Pink
  • Kraken Quartz Pink
  • Seirēn X Quartz Pink
  • Base Station Chroma Quartz Pink

  • Basilisk Quartz Pink
  • Huntsman Quartz Pink
  • Goliathus Extended Chroma Quartz Pink
  • Blade Stealth 13 Quartz

This is a welcome move by Razer, considering how many females are surprisingly more into games the past few years. It was practical for them to introduce a more female-centric line. However, in terms of actually selling these products locally, this has always been a hit-or-miss situation for most brands.


In the Philippines, the most popular colors for these revolve only around anything with touches of black. Put out anything white, pink, or even red, and it will typically sell less than 10% of the black-related colors. There are a few exceptions to this, such as the excellent Steelseries Artic series or the pink Razer Kraken. Considering how dangerous it is to stock up on these, it would be surprising if these show up at all locally.

Product Hero Banner Image
Pictured here: The Razer Kraken with Kitty ears: Not pictured – boyfriends rolling their eyes everywhere. meow.

However, we just received information that that’s not the case at all. We received information that the distributor already has stock of the full lineup in their warehouse as of today, except for the Razer Blade (which still isn’t being carried locally). We’re not yet sure who will exactly carry these, but from the looks of it, the typical suspects will still be PC Hub, JDM, Dynaquest, PC Express, Game One, Techwarez, Datablitz. Also look out for these on their Lazada website!