Here are MSI Gaming Philippines RTX notebooks!

Last week, ASUS ROG announced their new RTX-equipped notebooks which will be the 1st wave of notebooks to arrive on-shelf in the Philippines starting January 29. But as of today, MSI Gaming has just announced their own gaming notebook line equipped with the new RTX 20 series graphics.

Surprisingly, MSI’s own RTX 2060 notebook is affordably priced at just Php 99,995 compared to ROG’s own GL504 priced at Php 119,995. Both device sports RTX2060 but other specs definitely varies. Price alone though may generate buzz around this model.

MSI also announced RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 models effectively making them the 2nd brand to announce officially that they are making it available soon in the Philippines. No date has been published of its actual on-shelf date but considering some of their promoters in-store have been aggressively offering it, we could assume that it will arrive this week or early February.

Official Facebook announcement from MSI Gaming here.