What’s new in Windows 10 version 1803?


Microsoft has unexpectedly pushed out a version 1803 (Codename RedStone 4) of it’s Windows 10 OS just days before it’s annual build conference. You can wait for it to pop out in your windows updates settings or you can just go to their download page and install it manually here.

Sources say that it was an error on Microsoft’s part, scheduling it 1 Monday earlier than the May 7th Monday it was supposed to have been announced and released to the public.

April update

Here are a few of the updates we’ve noticed so far in the latest version:


The timeline is an upgraded task view bar. It’s activated by the popular Windows Key + Tab, and it leads you to a list of open activities etc. but this time around – it shows you everything in a flat page in overview mode.

It allows you to find activities or documents that you may not have finished before and allows you to resume them in one click of a button. It could also be a document from any connected PC, Android device or even iOS device as long as you are logged on the same Microsoft account.



The notebook under Cortana receives a redesign and its easier to view and use with the tabs and card based items. In the Organizer tab, you’ll find lists and reminders and in the Manage Skills tab, you can change many of the cortana settings as you like.

Cortana is more helpful with suggestions of questions you can ask her now, as well as providing suggestions of which tasks to continue or resume from your “Timeline”.



New to cortana is also the Cortana Collection where Cortana takes notes of previous searches and likes so that it can provide to you a better list and suggestions of newer things that you’d like to remember or search for in the future.



In Version 1803, Microsoft also introduces the Game bar with a facelist, easy navigation and a new time clock mode. As with the rest of the OS, you can choose from dark, light or current theme options. You can also access the microphones and cameras directly from here.

Game bar


Nearby sharing shown with the Photos app

In Version 1803, it’s now easier to share your files via Bluetooth or Wifi (similar to Apple Airdrop) for devices connected to you. All you have to do is drag and drop. You can enable it in the Quick Action button in the Action Center or in the Share Experiences page in Settings.

File Sharing.PNG

Other additions are minor but can help those who need the extra utility.

  • A new fonts page that allows you to manage the fonts you’ve already installed in your computer.
  • An Activity History page to help you configure activities throughout the OS, your timeline, account activities, syncs, errors and more. ng them easier to eyes and pleasing to navigate through, with also a few name changes in some apps like Quiet hours to Focus Assist.

The rest of the features are more graphical redesigns and layouts, maki

The same is through on the UI side of things as microsoft pushes its fluent design system, with some animation upgrades in key presses and navigation through apps like clocks and calendar. Lockscreens will now show you some personalized options like Spotlight, Cortana, Calendar and Mail if you dont want to have to log in just to access these most needed features. Microsoft Edge has also been updated with newer icons as well as functionality.

Find out more about the Windows update from the Windows blog.