Spotted: Razer Deathadder for P459??

… Of course, it is NOT a legitimate Razer product, but it is still pretty convincing copy of the Deathadder 3.5G, which was launched way back in 2009. A real Razer Deathadder (Elite Edition) costs around Php3,499 in Lazada.

While some may say that these types of products “come from the same factory” (which isn’t actually true, btw), these do not undergo any rigorous testing; and will definitely not offer the same warranty coverage as the original ones. These types of products normally do not last very long, and have very poor build quality compared to their legitimate counterparts.

Furthermore, there is a chance that lower-quality internal components of the mice will affect product reliability and in-game performance, as these mice normally will not have accurate DPI and mouse sensitivity.

Also, the first things to get damaged in mice like these are the scroll wheel, so expect it to “skip” scrolls quite easily as well. If you really don’t have the budget, then there are plenty of other better options out in the market.

As professionals in the retail industry ourselves, we highly discourage buying fake or pirated goods, so we won’t post any of the product links here. Remember: you always get what you pay for.

On the other hand, if you want to buy real Razer items, check out the Razer store in SM North EDSA, details here. Other legimate stores selling Razer products are PC Express, Techwarez, Game One, Dynaquest, and many others around the Philippines. For a full list, click here: