5 Legit Online Laptop Sellers for hard to find Gaming Laptops

Scouting for new laptops can be quite a hassle especially for high end ones. Not a lot of shops carry the mid to high end models as they don’t move so quickly in the stores. This makes it an extra pain to find the perfect one.

Additionally, even if you do find the perfect laptop for you – they can be quite expensive due to the foreign exchange, distribution system and the taxes in our country. This makes prices in the Philippines roughly ATLEAST 20% more expensive than laptops you’ll find in the US or in online sites like Amazon.

It’s a good thing Amazon now offers free shipping to the Philippines but the taxes and clearance costs can still kill you. This makes it a bummer for us filipinos who mouthwater for the huge discounts offered during blackfriday deals that slash laptop prices up to OVER 50% OFF. And when they do get slashed, you’ll find gaming laptop deals with spec like a 3070ti for around Php60,000 whereas all you’ll get for that is a measly RTX3050ti here in PH.

LUCKILY, we have some online sellers who buy units from the US and have them shipped personally locally or hand carried and resell them for filipino buyers. The prices are still more expensive compared to the sites on Amazon because these resellers still need to make a little money for the effort but they’re definitely significantly cheaper than getting one locally. A big advantage is you can source laptops like the Razer Blade too which isn’t sold locally.

Mind you, these laptops may not be covered by localy warranties though and buying them is at your own risk but we do know a few online sellers who go the extra mile for you to give you peace of mind.

In this blog, we list 5 online laptop sellers with some of the cheapest prices for gaming laptops you’ll find around! PM is the key for these sellers and be sure to have fast hands are their stocks sell out quite often.


PC CENTRAL is actually a local seller who buys local stock but sells them at near cost pricing. They operate mostly online so there’s not a lot of overhead costs and they’re very friendly to customers. Stocks you buy from them have official local warranties so that should allow you to sleep sound at night.


Laptop sensei is one of the first few importers of the Razer Blade in PH. They’re priced competitively and their service is quite fast. You can usually get your custom laptop for as fast as 7 days up to 21 days depending on what you choose.


Pasabuy from US buys from the US when there’s a new deal or a significant sale and then lists them up for pre-order for local buyers to choose from. They also sell the latest iPhones and Google phones if you’re a fan of that. have something in mind? You can PM them as well and they can order it for you.


Justin sells a lot of high end gaming laptops and premium laptops. His pricing are very aggressive versus everyone else and he gives you the option to customize your own spec from any US website and he’ll ship it for you for a fee. lead time is up to 3 weeks depending on the customs clearance and shipping but this shop is legit AF.

We personally had tried ordering from Justin.


Laptop Kid offers a mix of outsourced stock and local stock. He gets some of their items on sale from other countries but also sell local stock too! A big plus is they have a shop down in San Juan too which gives them a sense of legitimacy for buyers who are still scared to buy from online sellers.

Have any online sellers you’d like to recommend? Let us know.