Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF) returns in 2022 to celebrate local gaming

Events are making a comeback and the gaming industry is hyped up to interact with the communities.

This year, the Pinoy Gaming Festival returns to join the fun, and everyone is invited. Pinoy Gaming Festival or PGF will be uniting communities through a series of tournaments, showmatches, meet and greets plus booth and stage activities that are surely fun and fresh! Living up to its official hashtag “#MakiHALOsaPGF2022” – this year, the event aims to bring together gamers of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Maki-enjoy sa Booths and Activities

Various activities from our different sponsors are available for everyone to enjoy. Gamers will have fun

and interact to win exciting prizes and items. Brand partners Tencent, Acer and JBL are joining the PGF

2022 celebration, with their different giveaways and activities. Prominent phone brand Realme, and

official gaming chair partner BraZen, are also participating in the event.

Maki-laro sa Cyberzone x Road to REV Major 2022

Road to REV Major 2022 heads to PGF! Done in partnership with Cyberzone, the official venue partner,

and GG Truck, Road to REV Major invites everyone to show-off their skills in Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear

Strive (GGST). Winners of Road to REV Major 2022 at PGF are also heading to the big stage as they earn

entry tickets to the TEKKEN World Tour and the ArcSys World Tour.

Maki-experience sa Tower of Fantasy (TOF) Experience Zone

Become a streamer and experience the hype of esports! Tower of Fantasy (TOF), the newest MMORPG

from Tencent comes to PGF. The experience zone for gamers is a chance for everyone to be involved

and live the gaming influencer life just for a day. Experience the chance to be involved in the process

and familiarize yourself with some of the happenings in the gaming and esports scene. PGF will have

streamer zones where attendees will have the chance to be a streamer. Free play areas are also for

those who want to try Tower of Fantasy. Lastly, a photobooth area where they can take photos, selfies

and group photos!

Maki-saya with RUMBLE ROYALE

Gaming celebrities, your favorite content creators and pro players are here! RUMBLE ROYALE, PGF’s

official community partner, brings your favorite names in the gaming community. Interact with your

lodis, and show your top fan energy!

Maki-hakot sa mga Raffles, Giveaways, Promos and more!

A festival is not festive without giveaways! Be sure to go to the event early for a chance to win various

prizes. Plus take part in the different games, promos, and raffles to win PGF merch plus more freebies

from our partners and sponsors.

Maki-nood LIVE!

The Pinoy Gaming Festival 2022 is this coming Aug 20-21, 2022, at the Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia. The

event will also be broadcasted online at the