Lenovo L22i-30 Review: Best budget monitor?

If you’re in the market for a bang-for-the-buck daily driver monitor or maybe even a secondary monitor, the Lenovo L22i-30 might just be what you’re looking for. Let’s run through some of the things that just might spike your interest on it.

Out of the box, the Lenovo L22i-30 is a no bullshit type of monitor that directly goes for what you would need. It is clean and has a unique look compared to most monitors at its price-point.

With its three-sided NearEdgeless design, it embodies a 21.5-inch panel smack in the center of it. The fourth side is the bottom bezel that has the control buttons for user’s convenience.

buttons are a bit firm

It stands with elegance and beauty with a grey finish with even a provision for a phone holder at the base.

VESA mounting screw holes at the back

At the rear of the monitor, initially, we are greeted by the 100mm x 100mm VESA mount capability. Along the trunk of the stand, we find the cable management system that is fit near the base. The grooves are set to hold the cables together for those neat and minimalist output that most users need.

The assembly is quick and easy with just the base, stand, and display as the three main parts. Considering the price of the Lenovo L22i-30, we didn’t expect much but they have offered partial metal parts to which of course would not be a complaint to most since this ensures the durability.

As expected, the monitor lacks height adjustment, swivel, and rotation, but can be dealt with using third-party mounts via the 100mm x 100mm VESA mount.

Additionally, the monitor provides only what is necessary which is an HDMI port, a DVI-port, as well as a 3.5mm jack. It is pretty basic but provides the essentials.

Moving on to the performance of the monitor, the 21.5-inch WLED FHD IPS panel gave us what we needed – an immersive display with close to natural colors thanks to its 72% sRGB color space giving accurate color reproduction.

Colors really pop out

In terms of blacklight bleed, it is something that is seen on most monitors but with this one, if the monitor is used in a well-lit room, it is hardly noticeable. It becomes more apparent under low light conditions but shouldn’t be a big factor if used as a secondary monitor.

What irks me most is the addition of the AMD Freesync option despite not being a monitor built for gaming. Though this may come as a great option for computer shops or those with low-mid tier pcs, high refresh rate monitors can be gotten at a much lower price now in the market as compared to before thanks to the wide variety of brands that offer them, especially Chinese brands.

Unsure of the price difference with or without the Freesync, but given the addition of it, I guess we’ll take what we can get at PHP 7,490.

Taking the price and build as the biggest factor, the L22i-30 provides several good uses as an entertainment or everyday-task monitor. The cable management is another feature we love on this monitor and would be adored by most who cringe at the sight of messy cables.

The reliability of the L22i-30 is definitely one to consider for daily tasks and entertainment. As mentioned from the onset of this article, it is a no bullshit type of monitor and provides all the essentials for a non-gamer.

To close, the Lenovo L22i-30 is a definite must buy if you’re the type who does not want to get the usual design of monitors. At the price of PHP 7,490, it provides color accuracy, cable management, and durability.

Full specs below: