Corsair Virtuoso SE Gaming Headset Review

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE KantoTech

Corsair gives their gaming fans a luxurious design making it the type of headphones you’d want to keep on your neck while on the go. Comfort is an additional factor which is provided on the Corsair Virtuoso SE by the foam pads that give a soft and plush feel.

Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech
Corsair Virtuoso SE


Inside the box, there is a pouch, a USB Type-C cable, 3.5mm analog cable, a USB dongle, and a detachable broadcast mic. The Virtuoso has the proprietary Slipstream technology, which provides quick connectivity and, once connected, you get 2.4GHz transmission speeds. The Slipstream technology allows the USB receiver to connect up to two additional Corsair peripherals to it.

Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech
Corsair Virtuoso SE Inside the box

The Corsair Virtuoso SE features a faux leather design with an all-aluminium build. It comes with an adjustable headband that can fit different cranium sizes. The crown is supported by a soft memory foam around the head railing. Corsair ensured comfort was felt with the luxurious design they have to offer.


Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech
Corsair Virtuoso SE ear cups

The Virtuoso’s circular ear cups are also made of faux leather and memory foam. There is a minor discomfort at the tip of my ears over prolonged use. The cups can be rotated inwards to rest comfortably on your neck when not being used.

Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech
Corsair Virtuoso SE Volume Knob and ports

The Volume control of the headset can be found on the right ear cup with the switch to change between wired and wireless modes. While on the left side, the 3.5mm port for wired connectivity and USB Type-C port for charging can be found.


Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech
Corsair Virtuoso SE Mic and RGB

Despite the luxurious feel that the Corsair Virtuoso provides, they still did not forget the RGB which can be found on the logo along the sides of the cups. This can be edited using Corsair’s iCue software.

The detachable mic also has an LED indicator which turns red when it goes off and green when on. A long press provides the option for a sidetone in order to hear voice feedback.


Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech

Corsair Virtuoso SE iCUE

In order to get the maximize the potential of the Corsair Virtuoso SE, you would need to tinker with Corsair’s iCue software. Without doing so, the audio would sound a bit flat giving more treble than mids and bass. Audio will always be preferential hence the need to tinker with the EQ settings.

Battery Life and Bluetooth

Corsair Virtuoso SE KantoTech
Corsair Virtuoso SE Bluetooth and Battery Life

Corsair claims to last for 20 hours and I was able to go around 18 hours at full charge, while at 16 hours of use, it would alert me that the battery was low and the mic LED would turn red along with the battery light indicator.

On the positive side of things, it runs on a USB Type-C ensuring that it is quick to charge. In order to figure out the percentage of the battery, you’d have to open up the iCue software.


The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE is definitely a must-buy because of the attention they have put to detail and the design they were able to create making premium aesthetics and still touching all the important points necessary for a gamer. Though some missing features we were looking at were Bluetooth capabilities and a way to tell what the battery life is without opening the iCue software.

All in all, for a price of  ₱9890 from PCHub. E-Sports Gaming Authority, it is worth its price for the performance they have crammed into it.