MU Online Ramps Up With Long-Awaited Castle Siege Event

One of the most weekly events in classic MU Online was Castle Siege, an all-out battle between the guilds for supremacy. Since its relaunch last April, fans of the game have been asking for its return as it is one of the memorable community events in the past.


On June 27, 2020, PlayPark MU will be holding its first Castle Siege event for both SEA and MAYA Servers. Castle Siege is the second weekly event for MU in its “War of the Guilds” meta series, which was kickstarted by Arka War.


The Lords of MU


This time, the stakes are higher. During the event, the guilds will converge in the Valley of Loren, the location of the Castle. The guild that holds the castle at the end of the event will gain access to the Land of Trial, a special map only open to the Castle Siege Lord, their guild, and their allies. This map holds new monsters that drop Ancient Items. These powerful items are perfect for any player looking to further increase in power to prepare for bigger guild challenges to come.

To sweeten the deal, the inaugural winner of the SEA Server Castle Siege will receive PHP 50,000 and 3 million cash points while the winning guild of the MAYA Server will receive PHP 30,000 and 2 million cash points. That’s over PHP 100,000 worth of rewards! This is the first time an official server Castle Siege event had this many rewards along with the distinction of becoming the first Lord of MU.

Catch the action live


This event is memorable to veteran MU players, and a chance for new players to display their skills in-game in order to dominate the competition. PlayPark is also proud to announce that this is the first-ever Castle Siege event to be broadcast via livestream on the PlayPark MU Facebook page.


Calling the action will be shoutcasters Narpim and Irie for Sea Server while Ghostcodex and Kalbo Gaming will cast for Maya Server. These MU mainstays have been with the community from the start and are the casters for the regular Arka War events.


Seasonal Rewards incoming


The first Castle Siege event is just the beginning. If there is enough player interest, PlayPark MU will turn Castle Siege into a possible weekly reward event wherein guilds gain season points the more they win. At the end of the season period, the top-ranked Castle Siege guilds will gain great rewards. This is in addition to the special events lined up by the PlayPark MU Team for the community. More information about Seasonal Rewards will be released in the future.


For more information, please check out the official PlayPark MU website and the PlayPark MU Facebook page.