Spotify, Tinder, Bumble, Viber and Other apps are down due to iOS Facebook issue

All the apps in the title, and more, are currently down or crashing repeatedly (reportedly) due to a Facebook issue.It seems to be affecting only iOS users at the moment though.

No confirmed reports have been made yet but early indications point towards the “log in by facebook” functionality causing the affected applications to keep crashing, potentially deleting all data (as reported by some friends).

It’s not the first time that facebook bugs have caused disturbances like these in other apps. It’s actually happened many times before and it only goes to show how reliant we are now on facebook as a central way of logging in to other websites.

Sure you can still use your own credentials, but that doesn’t stop the millions of other users who do and that meas the facebook code in other apps and software are here to stay.

For now, the best course of action is to disable facebook so as not to disrupt the other apps. Don’t panic, these companies will surely get things back on track in no time.