Predator Triton 300 will be revealed in IFA 2019!

Yes, you heard us. We’re calling it that a more mainstream version of the Triton 500 is coming worldwide.

Releasing a teasee with the words “300 parsecs” only gives more credibility to this news.

The Triton 500 will get lots of upgrades including a better yet thinner chassis, Per Key backlit keyboard and 9th Gen H series processors powered by up to Max-Q 2080 GPU coupled with 144hz and 240hz options. We also expect a 4K resolution 120hz in the works.

Meanwhile, the Triton 300 will pick up the void the older Triton 500 left and be endowed with more mainstream GTX1050, GTX1650 and GTX1660Ti options, a single zone backlit keyboard, a 19.9mm chassis and still a decent cooling system. We’ll be seeing Ryzen flavors on the Triton 300, too!

Pricing is expected to start at around 850$ for the Triton 300 at it’s most basic spec with Ryzen5 + GTX1050, giving a good decent amount of power whilst remaining relatively thin for a gaming laptop. This will give ASUS Tuf gaming series a run for their money as Acer is also expected to release a RYZEN7 + RTX2060 variant in some markets and hit only 1199$.

All these details are yet to be confirmed but we already have the model name PT315 designated for these series. There will be 2 variants, PT315-51 AND PT315-52.