JuanCash and JuanExchange: Transforming financial norms to serve the unbanked and underbanked

Zybi Tech’s disruptive innovations for the efforts of widening the financial inclusion of the sector’s ‘last mile’

Zybi Tech Inc. recently launched two of its innovative products that can help drive the next steps in the Philippine financial ecosystem: JuanCash and JuanExchange.

Zybi Tech envisions to contribute in the current local efforts to widen the financial inclusion by leveraging on the innovations brought by the financial technology, maximizing its potential in transforming traditional financial processes. It also aspires to aid on improving the business opportunities to all market segments, allowing small to medium enterprises to be part of a sustainable financial ecosystem. With the increasing number of mobile usage and ownership, today’s information, products and services are within the reach of the consumers. Along with the advent of e-banking and digital wallet, financial technology industry is seen to rise and to greatly contribute in the development of a nation’s banking ecosystem. Zybi Tech recognizes that the fintech industry is not yet fully embraced by every Filipino.

These opportunities and challenges paved the way in the creation of two of the initial product offerings from Zybi Tech – an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) app which is JuanCash and a Virtual Currency Exchange (VCE) trading platform which is JuanExchange.

Zybi Tech strives in improving further the constant pursuit of empowering the current financial inclusion initiatives in the country, serving the unbanked and underbanked communities. JuanCash and JuanExchange’s goals are to bring financial services closer to every Filipino, and to bridge the gap between fintech and the common Filipino people, with innovations readily available within every Juan’s reach.

It’s about time for every Juan, for every Filipino, to have formal financial privileges and we will make this significant movement happen.”

Raymond Ong, Chief Executive Officer

Your All-In-Juan Financial App: JuanCash

JuanCash is an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) app that offers a variety of services which help consumers manage their finances and expenses. It offers features like mobile prepaid loading, bills and utilities payment, and fund transfer all in just one app. It also highlights a prompt “Scan-To-Pay” system where a unique QR code can be utilized by an end-user for sending and receiving money. The app can also be a source of additional income by accepting “pass-thru” bills payment from and by selling prepaid load to your friends and colleagues. JuanCash features a virtual currency exchange platform within the app which allows consumers to trade cryptocurrencies conveniently, using their app wallet.

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JuanCash app is available on Google Play and App Store. For more details and update, log on to https://www.juancash.com/ or follow JuanCash on their social media accounts.

Powering the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading: JuanExchange

JuanExchange is one of the pioneering virtual currency exchange (VCE) platforms in the Philippines. The developers unite multiple layers of protection to secure our platform without compromising user experience. Every cryptocurrency listed on this platform is not only available to the international market, but these assets are also available to future network of international partner exchanges. The platform’s trading engine is designed to be scalable to ensure orders are fulfilled in a very timely manner. It also cradles an international order book to offer best pricing and highest liquidity. JuanExchange truly offers fast registration with its easy-to-do Know Your Customer (KYC) and also multi-currencies for those who prefer flexible transactions.

Desktop version of Juan Exchange
Mobile Version of JuanExchange

JuanExchange platform can be accessed thru the JuanCash app or by logging on to https://www.juanexchange.com/. For more details on how to utilize the platform and on how to trade cryptocurrencies, follow JuanExchange on their social media accounts.


JuanCash Website: https://www.juancash.com/

JuanCash Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JuanCashOfficial/

JuanCasch Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/juancashofficial/

JuanCash Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/juancash__

JuanExchange Website: https://www.juanexchange.com/

JuanExchange Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JuanExchange

JuanExhange Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/juanexchangeph/

JuanExchange Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/JuanExchange

JuanExchange Telegram Public Chat: https://t.me/juanexchange


About Zybi Tech Inc.

Zybi Tech Inc. is a new and forward-looking company that brings the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), electronic money, virtual currency (VC), and blockchain technology to the common Filipino. We empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through automation of common business tasks under one platform. We aspire to serve all market segments from A to E, including the financial sector’s ‘last mile’ in the unbanked and underbanked communities. In addition, ZyBi Tech Inc. will engage in marketing, branding, providing, distributing, importing, exporting, and developing services and tools that facilitate the exchange of VCs such as Bitcoin.