Don’t buy GTX1060 laptops anymore! Buy this instead.

The GTX1060 has been the most popular GPU to get for mainstream gaming. It offered a solid 60 frames per second at FULL HD resolution for most AAA games, and roughly 100-120fps on popular e-sports titles like DOTA2, CS:GO and other games!

However, with the release of the GTX1660ti, we are 100% sure that the GTX1060 will soon be dethroned. To support our prediction, we took one of the earlier GTX1660ti laptops that is now available in the market and benchmarked it against GTX1060 and RTX laptops.

If you can see in our charts, the GTX1660ti performs roughly 20% better than the GTX1060, and almost on the level of a GTX1070. And with the prices of GTX1660ti equipped laptops in the market starting at an official SRP of 70-74K, it just doesn’t make sense to spend 65K to 80K on an entry-level GTX1060 anymore.

Not to mention, there are still a lot of GTX1060 that actually go for 80K-110K as well including Dell’s G7, Lenovo’s Legion Y530, ROG’s STRIX, MSI’s GP and GE series and finally, ACER’s Predator Helios series.

Not that we’re saying they are bad options, but all.of those will soon be upgraded to the GTX1660ti as well, and even the RTX2060, and the performance upgrade the GTX1660ti offers is just too big to ignore.

Take ASUS’ TUF GAMING FX505DU, for example. It retails for PHP71,995 and for that money you’re already getting a Ryzen 7 CPU, 8GB of 2666Mhz DDR4 memory, 1TB+256GB SSD and 15.6″ 120hz screen. At that same price, you’re only getting a Core i5-8300H, 8GB of ram, most times no SSD and a regular 60hz panel and a much weaker GTX1060 from the competition. Sure, there are GTX1060s below the 70K pricepoint but you’ll get a poorer screen and end up with only 4GB of ram.

As of writing, there is one other brand that offers a GTX1660ti and that is MSI and their GL63. You can consider that too. If neither of the 2 brands are your preference though, we still encourage you to wait patiently for another month because all brands are DEFINITELY going to make the switch to GTX1660ti and that will instantly make your GTX1060 laptop obsolete.