Nvidia GTX1650 Leaks, To be priced at $199 (Php9,995)??

Thanks to Videocardz.com who found an EEC (Eurasian Economic Comission) filing for a GTX1650 (from MSI), it has been almost confirmed that the final piece of NVidia’s 2019 line up is named GTX1650 and that it will carry 4GB of DDR5 Vram.

It has big shoes to fill as the gap between the 1050,1050ti versus the 1070 is left wide open as the GTX1060 is directly succeeded by the GTX1660. This means that there’s no current card to replace what the 1060’s performance used to be.

GTX1660 $219

With the GTX1650, however, that all changes as the card is expected to perform similar to a GTX1060 but at a sub-200 price point. To refresh you, the GTX1060 was priced between $219 to $249. That price is now occupied by the GTX1660 at $219 which offers a 15% performance boost over the 1060, and the GTX1660ti at $279 offering performance of a 1070.

It makes sense then that the then performance of a 1060 would be filled by a new card and at a lower SRP. Our guess is $199.

That $20 difference is where the 15% performance gap will come from and it is expected that the GTX1650 will be the hottest card in 2019 offering FULL HD game play at a stable 60fps.

Then again, Nvidia might surprise us further by introducing it at an even HOT $179 price tag.

It is unclear, though, if there will be a GTX1650ti but it isn’t likely given ti version now belongs to the 1660 version.

Here’s Videocardz.com’s comparison of the 1650, 1660, 1660TI and the RTX1060.

Videocardz.com comparison table

Lastly, it is believed that there won’t be a GT/GTX1030 but instead the GTX1050 and GTX1050ti will be continued to fill the sub $150 pricepoint for entry level gaming.

Let’s now wait patiently for the official release. Something tells us though that we won’t be waiting very long, now.

Source: Videocardz.com