Is Apple about to announce a netflix competitor on March 26?

Apple has just announced an event for March 26 at the steve jobs theatre on March 26 with the tagline – “It’s showtime”

It seems the tech giant is finally havimg progress with it’s negotiations to stream video content and magazines after failed attempts at asking for 50% of revenue for streamint services.

Note that itunes was also once the biggest streaming service for music until spotify came out where you no longer had to buy your tunes but instead stream them as needed, giving you a bigger library to access rather than buying your own albums.

Given this tunes, Apple could put all pixar movies (bought by apple) on the streaming service as an advantage versus others, specially vs netflix. No word or details yet if it would make original content outside of pixar which usually just makes cgi or animated flicks, but with the financial muscle of apple – it’s not an impossible thing.

Stay tuned for 2 more weeks and we’ll bring you the updates here on our pag3.