This is the Apple Airpods 2. Well, More like 1.5, really.

Apple has finally refreshed the Airpods with a version 2.0 but the changes are not revolutionary. This comes after Apple has quietly refreshed the iPad Mini and iPad Air for 2019.

The biggest change is really the chip inside the airpods which is called the H1. The older model used the W1 chip and the new one promises better latency and faster connectivity times. It’s also siri enabled with semi-ai functions.

The next biggest change is with the charging case though, and not the airpods itself. There is now an option to buy the airpods with a case that can charge wireless via Qi wireless pads but it costs 40$ more (at 199$) when you buy the pack, or 79$ when you buy it separately for your original airpods.

Yes, you read that right. You can buy the new wireless case for your original airpods because the dimensions are exactly the same, as well as the design. There are also no new color options available.

If wireless charging is not your cake though, you can still buy the NEW airpods with the regular charging case (that charges via lightning) at exactly the same SRP as the old one.

Here are the technical specifications for your reference: