Zuru Fidget Cube by antsy labs: First Impression and Review

By no means, this is the original fidget cube by antsy labs. It has been said that fidgeting while focusing is effective for some people with ADHD. We have taken our time to get one of these fidget cube and check it out. We are here to unbox and review the Series 1 version, color white version.

The original version Zuru Fidget Cube is definitely built with quality. There are six sides for you to fidget around, and we will list them out one by one, and give our impression and review on each available side.

Zuru Fidget Cube by antsy labs: Sides of the Cube

  1. Spin
    • The spin side lets you turn around a small mechanical device, where in as if you were turning a small wheel. There’s a small bump on the spinner that lets you spin it comfortably. You can only spin the spinner by using your thumb, or using two fingers.
  2. Glide
    • The glide is similar to those of a psp controller generations one to three. These are like small joysticks that you can glide along in any direction. If you are a game addict, and you constantly look to glide those joysticks as if you were enjoying your game, this side is for you.
  3. Flip
    • The flip is like a light switch that you see at your home. Flip it on, flip it off, flip it on, flip it forever! For those people who want to switch things, I don’t think this switch will break even after a million flip of this switch.
  4. Click
    • The click has five micro buttons you can press. All five buttons have a different tactile response. Three of them has clicking sounds with different pressure hardness, and the other two is the silent type with difference pressure hardness as well. This click side will definitely wear your thumb out after a couple of presses. Did they really make this side for clicking? Or exercising your thumb?
  5. Roll
    • The fifth side is definitely the side where you can roll stuff in two ways. There’s a silver ball that lets you roll a circular ball, that won’t come off even if you roll this thing for over a hundred kilometer. And another rolling part which is similar to a 3 digit mechanical lock with no numbers on it. Roll whichever you like with a small disc, or a small ball.
  6. Breathe
    • This side is just a flat surface with an oblong groove for your thumb to rest. This side is definitely useful if you want to rest your thumb, after all those clicking, flipping, gliding, spinning and rolling.

Zuru Fidget Cube by antsy labs: The Verdict

They claim that this thing are for people with ADHD. Well, it certainly is, and not totally just for ADHD. Remember those days when you were in school? And you constantly flipped your pen when you were young? Or there would be times that you tried to guess one of your friend’s lockers combination? Was it really just fiddling with it? Or was it part of our life in some point? In any point in time in our life, there will come to a point that we would love to fiddle things around. Now is the best time to get one of these, if you are okay to pay for this cute little thing for 1,199 PHP. You can grab one of these at Lazada, and ship it directly to your home.

But, in our own opinion, for a price of 1,199 PHP, we believe you can always get something cheaper to fidget around. When we were young, we didn’t have this cube to fidget around, and we survived! So if you really do have extra cash to spare, I don’t think that this will be a problem for you’re to do some extra fidgeting, since this fidget cube has six sides to fidget around anyway.

Zuru Fidget Cube: Original Box

Zuru Fidget Cube: Removed Seal on both sides

Zuru Fidget Cube: Side

Zuru Fidget Cube: Side

Zuru Fidget Cube: Click

Zuru Fidget Cube: Size on Palm