Galaxy S10 Screen Comparison with Galaxy S6, S7, S8, and S9

This kantotip will help you decide and see the actual comparison between the older generation of Galaxy S series smartphones in terms of screen size and brightness. we have changed all the old models brightness settings to maximum so that we can see the actual brightness and size. Below are the photos that can help you see the difference of the new Galaxy S10 with the older Generation, namely Galaxy S6 up to S9, on a side by side comparison.

We also enabled the reading mode, so that you can easily distinguish the S10 from the other models. We do hope that for those Samsung fans, who has the older generation can help you decide if you wish to upgrade to the new S10 variant. We chose to compare the S10, because it’s the sweet spot model, which matches all the predecessors.

Please do note the model release date of the following in comparison and actual model to avoid confusion:

Galaxy S10 = 2019

Galaxy S9 = 2018

Galaxy S8 = 2017

Galaxy S7 Edge = 2016

Galaxy S6 Edge+ = 2015

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S6 Edge+

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S8

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S9