ASUS ROG Unveils 43″ Gaming Monitor with 4K resolution, 120hz refresh rate and Freesync2 HDR

ASUS went all out with their ROG line of products in CES2019 and as much as their laptop line up impressed us, their monitors also wowed us. It’s a 43″ monitor that can double as your TV but this one is with an ultra fast 120hz refresh rate, and Freesync 2 with HDR support. This lets you synchronize your monitor’s output to the GPU’s frame rate so that gaming doesn’t stutter especially when the scene gets really busy.

Let’s take a step back, though. 43″ inch is no small monitor and being right across it on a computer table can be quite overwhelming. This means that you’ll have to back away a bit to enjoy the immersive experience. That’s where the panel’s spec comes to play, The VA based LCD offers super high contrast and near-perfect color accuracy, meeting DisplayHDR 600 specficiations and 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut. There’s also localized dimming via the HDR certification. So while TV’s tend to be glossy and shiny, the XG438 comes off a bit like matte because of it’s anti-galre coating and maximize the best features of the VA panel. This way, the colors stay the same whether you are up close or far away.

Pricing has yet to be announced but hopefully we get to take a closer look soon!