1TB Storage for phone? We might see it first with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Man’s desire for more really never stops. As for Samsung, the search for something more really never ends. The company announced a new embedded UFS 2.1 storage chip that does go up to whopping 1TB, possibly for the next flagship phone.


As everyone can remember, Samsung, alongside with Apple, were 2 of the first brand to feature 512GB storage on a phone. But a year after introducing that storage with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, they are now ready to make the jump to 1TB. Some might say that this will affect how the device will look, more importantly, the thickness of the device. But per Samsung, this issue won’t be a problem as the 1TB UFS 2.1 chip will be almost the same size of the previous 512GB UFS 2 chip.

Other benefits mentioned is 1,000MB/s read speeds, as well as 260MB/s write speeds. Those are all speed bumps over that 512GB UFS from the Note 9. At those new speeds, you could move a 5GB of HD video in 5 seconds.

No words yet on price difference and how much it will affect the future wave of smartphones’ price but we can already assume that it won’t come cheap.