You can now send TEXT messages using your computer via Android Messages

Google has been actively working on getting RCS support, and finally you can now send text messages from multiple devices.

Here’s the excerpts from Google’s own blog!

1. Send and receive texts from your computer

Today and over the next week, we’ll begin rolling out Messages for web, one of our top-requested features that lets you send and receive texts from your computer. To get started, select “Messages for web” in the menu of your Messages mobile app. On Messages for web, you can send stickers, emoji, and attach images in addition to sending text.


2. Search for and send the perfect GIF

Sometimes, a GIF is worth a thousand words and conveys exactly what you mean. Now, you can tap the + button on the left hand side of the compose bar to search for GIFs for your conversation.


3. Use Smart Reply to respond with a tap

Smart Reply saves you time when you’re messaging on the go by suggesting quick text or emoji responses to your messages. Once you’ve tapped a Smart Reply suggestion, it sends immediately. Smart Replies will be available in English for now, and come to more languages over time.


4. Preview links within your conversations

The next time your friend sends you a link to an article or a new restaurant, you’ll have an idea of what you’re about to click on. You’ll see an inline preview of the link, directly in your conversation.


5. Copy one-time passwords with one tap

Now, when you receive a message with a one-time password or code from a secure site—such as your bank—you can save time by copying that password directly from the message with a tap.

OTP phone

Messages for web is starting to roll out today, with the rest of these features coming to the Messages app over the next week. You can try them out by updating your app to the latest version or by downloading Messages here.

Interested? Access the Application here via your browser!