Asus Republic of Gamers teases the ROG Phone

ROG Phone
ROG Phone

The ROG Phone is coming on June 4th and we’re sure of it. It’s been confirmed by the top execs of ASUS themselves so the existence of the ROG Phone is pretty much real, except that we don’t know how it will look like or perform like.

Today, we get the first tease of the ROG Phone.

ROG Phone
ROG Phone as posted on ROG Philippines Facebook Page

While no details have been released, we expect the phone to come with Top-tier spec, and maybe even revolutionary! We know what you’re thinking. The photo doesn’t look like a phone but rather a controller or a console, right?

However, we went a little further and enhanced the photo in photoshop to get a better view of the darkened areas of the ROG Phone and this is what we’ve uncovered:

  1. This seems to be the ROG Phone itself, docked into what seems to be a controller or station ala Nintendo Switch. This isn’t the first time that ASUS has done a similar design or product. Think Padfone 1 or Padfone 2!
  2. There seems to be a 2nd screen on the device itself, aside from the screen of the ROG Phone.
  3. This seems to be a dock or controller for the main device. Our best guess is that it extends the battery life of the device and maybe help with cooling the phone itself for extended periods of gaming. When you dock the main phone here, the phone becomes a dual device gaming phone.
  4. This seems to be the ON button or a control, perhaps, for docking or undocking. It may also be a button for OC or Cooling? It’s not farfetched but if this guess is true, it will drive the price of the phone higher than 50,000 Pesos and in to the territorry of the TUF GAMING Laptops themselves.

ROG Phone

Additionally, The ROG Phone teaser may be related to another post by ASUS PH from another country that shows a phone dock with TYPE C and Audio.

ROG Phone Dock?
ROG Phone Dock?

Specifications wise, we expect the ROG Phone to come with the following spec:

  • Snapdragon 845 Processor (Possibly OC’d?)
  • 6GB or 8GB of Ram / 128GB or 256GB of Storage
  • Wide Full HD Resolution with 120hz Refresh rate (or 144hz?)
  • Atleast 6.0inches 18:9 instead of a 19:9 with notch (read on to find out why!)
  • Since this is a gaming phone, Visuals and Sound quality should be top-tier. We expect the phone to come with dual front-firing speakers (ala HTC or Google Pixel)
  • We expect the camera to be the same as the one found on the Zenfone 5 or 5Z
  • We expect IP57 rating at the very least for the device but since the aim is to be top tier, an IP68 rating is also possible
  • We expect the price to be atleast 999USD or 52-55K pesos when it arrives locally.

How about you guys? What do you think of the ROG Phone?

You can check out the post here

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