ASUS and Republic Of Gamers releases Back To School Promotion!

Manila Philippines, June 13, 2018 – School year’s about to start and ASUS and Republic of Gamers (ROG) are ready to suit you up with their incredible back to school promo bundles perfect for students who want to study on game one while being cool in school this season. In collaboration with globally acclaimed fashion and lifestyle brands Forever 21 and G-shock, ASUS levels up your study gear with exciting freebies just for you. These premium promo bundles are available when you purchase select ASUS Notebooks and ROG Notebooks and Desktops starting June 1, 2018 to July 15, 2018 and for ASUS all-in-one PC promo starts on June 15 and to July 30, 2018 in all participating ASUS and ROG Concept stores nationwide.


Be ready to look cool in school with the new ASUS laptops

Are you looking for a powerful and stylish laptop for your school or work? ASUS through its “Look Cool In School” promo offers great deals and exciting bundle items when you purchase select ASUS ZenBook, VivoBook and ASUS mainstream laptops. When you buy select ZenBook and VivoBook you will also get a free Forever21 gift certificate that you can use to look fashionable in school. End-users who purchases select ASUS notebooks and desktops will receive the corresponding FREE premium items:

Select ZenBook Series Forever 21 gift certificate amounting from PHP 500 to PHP 3000 (depending on the unit purchased and subject for verification)

Accessories for select models worth PHP 1,500 [In box bundle]

NEREUS Bag worth PHP 2,995

Select VivoBook Series Forever 21 gift certificate amounting from PHP 500 to PHP 3000 (depending on the unit purchased and subject for verification)

Accessories for select models worth PHP 1,500 [In box bundle]

NEREUS Bag worth PHP 2,995

Other Notebooks ASUS EOS Bag worth PHP 2,995


Model Name (Model No.)
UX490UAR-BE082T   109,995.00
UX490UAR-BE087T     99,995.00
UX370UA-C4195T (Stylus)     89,995.00
UX561UD-BO033T (GREY)     79,995.00
UX561UN-BO013T (GREY)     69,995.00
UX430UN-GV039T     64,995.00
UX430UN-GV038T     64,995.00
UX331UAL-EG004T (Blue)     62,995.00
UX331UAL-EG094T (Rose Gold)     62,995.00
UX331UN-EG006T (Blue)     59,995.00
UX331UAL-EG003T (Blue)     56,995.00
UX331UAL-EG010T (Rose Gold)     56,995.00
UX430UN-GV036T     54,995.00
UX430UN-GV037T     54,995.00
TP510UQ-E8031T     59,995.00
TP401CA-EC009T with Pen     39,995.00
S510UN-BQ106T     64,995.00
S510UN-BQ069T (Gold)     60,995.00
S510UN-BQ149T (Grey)     60,995.00
S510UN-BQ114T (Gold)     58,995.00
S510UN-BQ121T (Grey)     58,995.00
S410UN-EB143T (Gold)     57,995.00
S410UN-EB042T (Grey)     57,995.00
S510UN-BQ052T (Gold)     54,995.00
S510UN-BQ255T (Grey)     54,995.00
S410UN-EB157T (Grey)     49,995.00
S510UN-BQ387T (Gold)     48,995.00
S510UN-BQ180T (Grey)     48,995.00
S510UN-BQ113T (Gold)     46,995.00
S510UN-BQ305T (Grey)     46,995.00
S410UN-EB177T (Gold)     45,995.00
S410UN-EB192T (Grey)     45,995.00
S510UN-BQ178T (Grey)     41,995.00
S410UN-EB154T (Grey)     41,995.00
X510UF-BQ245T (Gold)     47,995.00
X510UF-BQ244T (Grey)     47,995.00
X510UF-BQ246T (Gold)     40,995.00
X510UF-BQ247T (Grey)     40,995.00
X411UF-EB107T (Grey)     39,995.00
X411UF-EB108T (Gold)     39,995.00
X560UD-BQ011T     47,995.00
X505ZA-BQ033T     49,995.00
X505ZA-BQ035T     41,995.00
X505ZA-BQ034T     33,995.00
X510UQ-BQ361T     32,995.00
X542UN-DM039T (GREY)     45,995.00
X542UN-DM097T (GREY)     39,995.00
X442UF-FA003T (Grey)     38,995.00
X442UF-FA004T (Gold)     38,995.00
X542UQ-DM232T (GREY)     36,995.00
X442UQ-FA049T (GREY)     35,995.00
X442UQ-FA050T (GOLD)     35,995.00
X540UB-GQ011T (Black)     29,995.00
X540UP-DM116T (NO ODD)     29,995.00
X507UB-BR182T (Grey)     29,995.00
X507UB-BR183T (Gold)     29,995.00
X507UA-BR174T (Grey)     27,995.00
X507UA-BR175T (Gold)     27,995.00
X407UA-BV110T (Grey)     27,995.00
X407UA-BV133T (Gold)     27,995.00
X540UA-GQ002T (NO ODD)     25,995.00
X555BP-XO138T (NO ODD)     23,995.00
X507MA-BR076T (Grey)     20,995.00
X507MA-BR077T (Gold)     20,995.00
X407MA-BV048T (Grey)     20,795.00
X407MA-BV049T (Gold)     20,795.00
X540NV-GQ002T (NO ODD)     19,995.00
X507MA-BR010T (Gold)     18,995.00
X507MA-BR011T (Grey)     18,995.00
X407MA-BV002T (Grey)     18,795.00
X407MA-BV003T (Gold)     18,795.00
X541NA-GQ041T (Black)     18,495.00
X541NA-GQ079T (Silver)     18,495.00
E402NA-GA085T     18,495.00
X540MA-GQ107T (Black)     17,995.00
X441NA-GA038T (Black)     17,495.00
X541NA-GQ213T (Silver) – NO ODD     17,295.00
X541NA-GQ219T (Black) – NO ODD     17,295.00
X540NA-GQ003T (NO ODD)     16,995.00
E402NA-GA251T     15,495.00


ASUS Republic Of Gamers allows you to study hard and play harder

Do your homework and maintain your game face on with ROG’s newest gaming machine line up of world’s first 144Hz + 3ms laptops powered by the latest 8th Generation Intel Core Processors. Ace your school work with these powerful gaming machines and get limited edition ROG premium branded G-schock Pilipinas collectible watch when you purchase select ROG notebooks and desktops. You can also level up your gaming by getting other ROG premium items worth over PHP 150,000 for free.

Model Name (Model No.)
GX800     369,995.00
G703GI-E5077T     249,995.00
G703GO-E5057T     229,995.00
G703GI-E5006T     199,995.00
GX501GI-EI004T     189,995.00
G703GS-E5002T     169,995.00
GM501GS-EI002T     149,995.00
GM501GM-EI003T     119,995.00
GL703GS-EP009T (SCAR)     139,995.00
GL504GS-ES064T (SCAR)     129,995.00
GL703VM-EE039T (SCAR)     109,995.00
GL703GM-EP010T (SCAR)     109,995.00
GL504GM-ES052T (HERO)     104,995.00
GL503VM-FY048T     94,995.00
GL703GE-EQ001T (SCAR)     84,995.00
GL503GE-EN007T (SCAR)     81,995.00
GL503GE-EN008T (HERO)     81,995.00
GL703VD-EE035T (SCAR)     72,995.00
GL503VD-GZ255T (HERO)     71,995.00
GL503VD-ED277T (SCAR)     71,995.00
GL703VD-GC042T     69,995.00
GL503VD-FY093T     69,995.00
GL503VD-FY005T NO ACC     53,995.00
FX504GE-EN039T     72,995.00
FX503VM-E4070T     69,995.00
FX504GE-EN179T     69,995.00
FX503VM-E4050T     62,995.00
FX504GE-EN284T     56,995.00
FX504GD-EN045T     56,995.00
FX503VD-E4099T     49,995.00
G21CN-PH006T WITH LIQUID COOLING     134,995.00
GL12CM-PH014T     129,995.00
G21CN-PH005T     117,995.00
GL12CP-PH018T     99,995.00
GL12CP-PH017T     89,995.00
GL12CP-PH016T     55,995.00


Create projects all-in-one device this back to school season

Perfect the art of performance with boundless vision with the powerful Zen AiO and ViVo AiO series which are bundled with Forever21 gift certificates up to PHP 3000 which will allow you to feel more comfortable and fashionable in school.

Model Name (Model No.)
ZN242IFGK-BA023T ₱            99,995
ZN242IFGK-CA075T ₱            95,995
V272UNK-BA011T ₱            71,995
V272UNK-BA010T ₱            63,995
V241ICGT-BA006T ₱            56,995

List of participating authorized ASUS and ROG stores:

ROG Concept Store, 4th Floor, Cyberzone, SM Megamall                               Asus Concept Store, SM City Puerto Princesa, Malvar Rd.

ROG Concept Store, 4th Floor, SM North EDSA, Quezon City        Asus Concept Store, SM Cubao, Araneta Center

ROG Concept Store, 2nd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia                          Asus Concept Store, SM Cabanatuan, Cabanatuan City

ROG Concept Store, 2nd Floor, Cyberzone, SM City Cebu                              Asus Concept Store, 4th Floor, Cyberzone, SM Megamall

Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Tuguegarao                           Asus Concept Store, 4th Floor, SM North EDSA-Annex

Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Fairview                 Asus Concept Store, 1st Floor, SM Cyberzone, SM Marikina

Asus Concept Store, SM City Bacolod, Negros Occidental                             Asus Concept Store, SM Clark, Angeles City Pampanga

Asus Concept Store, SM Premier Lanang, Davao City                      Asus Concept Store, D’ Mall Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, SM Cyberzone, SM IloIlo                Asus Concept Store, SM Premiere Downtown, CDO

Asus Concept Store, 3rd Floor, Festival Mall, Alabang                     Asus Concept Store, 2nd Floor, Cyberzone, SM Cebu

Asus Concept Store, UGL Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia                     Asus Concept Store, Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro

Asus Concept Store, 2nd Floor Robinsons Tacloban                      Asus Concept Store, 2nd Floor, KCC Mall Zamboanga

Asus Concept Store, SM City Sta. Mesa, San Juan City                    Asus Concept Store, 4th Floor, Robinsons Ermita, Manila

Visit for more details about ASUS and Republic Of Gamers Philippines’ Back to School Promo 2018.


About ASUS

ASUS is one of Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, and is dedicated to creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Zenbo, ZenFone, ZenBook and a range of IT devices and components, along with AR, VR and IoT. ASUS employs more than 17,000 people worldwide and over 5,500 world-class R&D talents. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, the company won 4,385 awards and earned approximately US$13.3 billion of revenue in 2016.


About ROG

Republic of Gamers (ROG) is an ASUS sub-brand dedicated to creating the world’s best gaming hardware and software. Formed in 2006, ROG offers a complete line of innovative products known for performance and quality, including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, desktops, monitors, audio equipment, routers, and peripherals. ROG participates in and sponsors major international gaming events. ROG gear has been used to set hundreds of overclocking records and it continues to be the preferred choice of gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Learn more about the choice of champions at